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Discover the first 100% connected
photo kiosk.

The eKiosk engages your community
easily and encourages your audiences to share on social media.

A fully adaptable kiosk
to suit your needs


New – Facial recognition*

Make your event go viral by customizing pictures and boomerang with “Snapchat filters”.

*Available on ePad

New – Boomerang 90°*

Create 90° boomerang has never been so easy.

*Available on ePad slide.

Hashtag Printer

Bring your event to another step by giving people the opportunity to print their social media contents and customize them.

Slow motion and Boomerang

Make your brand unforgettable for your target
with a video clip
Thanks to slow motion or the boomerang, you will increase the numbers of social media interactions due to dynamic and impactful contents.

Encourage traffic generation on your website and contests

Create a smart path to make people download their content with a pop-up advertising from your website and improve your traffic.
Congrats your community by creating contests and generating qualified leads.

100% Customizable

Our e-kiosk user experience is fully designable and brandable :
• Layout
• Frame photo/gif
• kiosk screen interface
• e-kiosk Covering
• Email

Create fully branded microsites

Engage your fans by creating custom and unique branded experiences with the ability to brand platforms, email…

Connect to our socialwall platform

Make your event go viral by connecting our
e-kiosks to your social wall.
All the e-kiosk contents are automatically displayed and animated on all your screens and/or your mobile app.