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Easily create and manage
your social walls and dynamic displays

Getting your audiences to interact and managing your screen ad content has never been easier.

Community engagement made simple.

Identify social
media and hashtags
to be activated

Collect and manage the most engaging content.

. Choose from among 15 different social media platforms.
. Filter your generated content by network, hashtags, keywords, dates and more.
. Add hashtags in real time based on what’s trending.
. Create and add brand content.

Control your
content wherever
you are

Thanks to the OuiBeat platform, quickly and effectively
monitor the content on your social wall.
Block undesirable content while
your best contributors
The OuiBeat platform offers easy
moderation from desktop
or mobile.

Get permissions

The OuiBeat platform offers an easy way to protect
rights associated with user generated content.
Ask for and get your influencers’ image rights
in just a few clicks. Integrate your CGC*
during marketing campaigns.

Adapt content
based on your
communication channels

Customize your UGC to correspond to all your marketing channels and requirements.
Start creating more attractive resources and send out push notifications for UGC-related offers.

Create high-impact
interactive displays
on social media.

Choose from among 10 themed templates
or develop your own custom visual experience
using our API.

Share your
best moments
and promote UGC for
these highlights

Facebook Live, Periscope, we are certified to post your content in real time using all types of media.
Snapchat, Instagram Stories, ask our team to develop your editorial line and strategy to optimize UGC on the positive experiences you create.

No display limits


Wall screen





Measure and analyse
your ROI

Using our powerful analysis tool, see your social media engagement and highlights for your activation in real time and identify the influencers generating the most interactions.You can also easily download the content generated during your event.

more than 550 clients
are already creating authentics marketing experiences

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