How OuiBeat Social Wall boosts the scope of events thanks to the UGC.

Creation of a Social Wall to promote the UGC

One of the founding principles of Web 2.0 is UGC (User-Generated Content). It consists in reversing the concept of linear communication towards mutual interaction, here between consumers and brands. We are therefore talking about any type of content disseminated on social networks (text, post, stories, photo and video) coming from users and not from brands / advertisers and which may or may not be part of a picture marketing or creative action. a Social Wall.

This content can arise spontaneously, as a form of expression, or can be part of an overall strategy. Brands can, for example, launch contests by asking Internet users to post a photo with their product. Influencers and journalists are sometimes called upon for events with similar communication objectives.

Find out how Sephora created a OuiBeat Social Wall and its engagement mechanisms to successfully amplify the enthusiasm around its brand and encourage its audience to interact on social networks during the inauguration of one of its points of sale. More information in the resources.

UGC et socialwall avec Sephora

In fact, content created by consumers and customers themselves has greater credibility with your target audience. Particularly appreciated by consumers, the UGC promotes involvement and interactivity with the community surrounding the brand. Internet users feel valued: they are no longer lamba consumers but real strategic communication relays. According to a SmartFocus study, 87% of people say that UGC influences their purchasing decision and 70% of them say that UGC convinces them more than conventional promotional content.

UGC and brands.

At a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture the attention of consumers, the UGC is an attractive marketing alternative to engage consumers. Brands have thus fared well by increasing their notoriety and their sales thanks to a strategy of content produced by their consumers. Among the best known, GoPro has given consumers the opportunity to share their adventures using the brand’s products. Consumers then became the best ambassadors and sellers of GoPro. User Generated Content finds its relevance in the viralization of your events. You still need to know the best practices and have the right tools:

Create one or more hashtags relevant to your event.

Like a communications campaign, make sure your hashtag is not overused by other causes. It must be simple to remember to be written without mistakes. It is also important to remind participants of the hashtag of the event. For example from other communication media and on-site POS.

Organize spaces of expression for your visitors.

To encourage visitors to create content around your brand, set up discussion spaces. You can also create contests or photo challenges on social networks… Social Walls, content aggregators, thus constitute a powerful marketing tool. They encourage your visitors to interact and ultimately promote your event, your brand.

Post relevant content on the Social Wall.

Be responsive and constantly on the lookout for content posted on the web by participants. Use a content aggregator that will continuously, in real time, bring together all of the UGC content from the main social networks. Some are causing a buzz, don’t hesitate to post the most relevant on your Social Wall thanks to a moderation platform. It also allows you to create a real interaction with your consumer-players.

Anticipate and extend the experience on the event website.

Know that an event is not only experienced on D-Day but also before (teaser) and after (highlights). Allow your audience to extend the experience by finding original content directly on your website. Aggregate all content on the social wall of your website.

Anticipate and extend the experience on your website with our SOCIAL BUZZ offer.

An event is not only experienced on D-Day but also before (teaser) to increase attendance at your event and after (highlights) to inform your target and your customers. Allow your audience to extend the experience by going to find original content directly on your website and aggregate all the content on your Social Web social media wall to capitalize on this content, exploit it over time, generate interest and communicate information well beyond the single event.

Improve your offer with your UGC.

The UGC, in addition to increasing your notoriety and your results, allows you to improve your offer thanks to consumers. Through the published content, Internet users deliver their uses, their expectations and can contribute to the improvement of your services and products with their feedback.

Measure the impact of your event.

Finally, the OuiBeat platform allows you to measure the real scope of your event on social networks. It analyzes the relevance of the hashtags and social media accounts chosen. The platform also allows you to identify your main influencers in real time. You can highlight them with our UGC aggregators.

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