Facebook Local
the new events application.

Farewell Facebook Events, Welcome Facebook Local.

After a first version without real success called Facebook Events, Facebook returns with a version 2.0: Facebook Local. It is an application 100% dedicated to events and outings. As its name suggests, Facebook Events was an application specially dedicated to events. Software that has not met the expected success. A lack of enthusiasm partly due to strong competition in this market. Some applications are well placed. Like Foursquare or Yelp. Their vocation is to recommend to users places to go out, eat, visits to do or nearby events.

The novelty of Facebook Local.

Facebook returns today with Facebook Local. An application that offers substantially the same functionality as its competitors. This application offers to discover events or places related to your friends. Mark Zuckerberg’s group however wants to differentiate itself from its competitors thanks to its core activity. Facebook is the largest social network with more than 1.5 billion users per day and intends to use this social interaction to promote the development of Local.

Local Facebook, what are your friends doing?

By using your network and its activity, the application will be able to indicate to you that “Marie” appreciated this pizzeria and that she recommends it or, you will be able to see that “Julien” also goes to the Stade de France tomorrow evening for a concert. Events that interest your friends will appear in your notifications.

facebook local app
These functionalities are already available on Facebook to some extent but they will have a dedicated space to spread the word to more people. Users will also be able to use the app to create their own private events.
It’s a new approach that will be interesting for professionals who can expect to reach more internet users and make a stronger impact. Knowing that friends and acquaintances have already been to a venue may reassure or motivate others to go as well. For public events, access to information will be simplified and personalized.
The Local app may become even more useful than Facebook. With more than 550 million users every month in North America, we can’t wait to see it come to Europe.

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