The Instagram campaign
that reinvented the queue for #AirMaxLine by Nike.

Nike created the #AirMaxLine queue on Instagram

Nike and PostVisual launched the first queue to let fans buy limited editions using the hashtag #AirMaxLine.
It’s never a surprise to see crowds queuing up outside a Nike store when the brand releases a new pair of shoes or limited editions. When Nike was set to release another limited edition, it decided to shake things up. Nike teamed up with PostVisual to create the first queue on Instagram using the #AirMaxLine hashtag.

A never-before-seen approach is a hit

To indulge its Korean fans’ passion for trainers, the brand gave them a chance to buy the new limited edition Nike Air Max by queuing up on Instagram. Customers had to go to the Nike website, create an avatar and customize it. They then had to go to Instagram and post their avatar’s visual with the hashtag to join the huge queue. Participants could then order their new shoes without ever leaving the couch.

Nike revolutionizes the queue

It was actually an ingenious idea that won over the brand’s fans. Nike revolutionized the queue and made its customers happy in the process. This high-tech process generated an enormous amount of traffic and buzz. The operation generated more than 80,000 posts on Instagram with the hashtag, 15 million impressions and 810,000 visits to the website.

This ad campaign didn’t cost the brand a cent in advertising but made the company a mint. Every pair of Nike Air Max was sold out!

Watch the project video :

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