OuiBeat: your marketing partner.

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Our partners

The OuiBeat API is certified and partners with major social media platforms to offer the best access to information and social content without volume limits or display cut-off times.
With several million daily requests, OuiBeat is a key partner for using social content in your marketing campaigns.

Our technological partners.

We have also partnered with complementary tech and creative companies such as
BrightSign, Apple, MailChimp, Amazon, Google Cloud Suite, WordPress and SUPERBIEN.

logo mailchimp

MailChimp is a global name in marketing automation. Customize and energize your email campaigns by integrating user generated content from the OuiBeat platform.

logo google cloud platform

Google Cloud Platform lets you develop and host applications and websites as well as store and analyse data all within a dynamic Google infrastructure. We have integrated Google Cloud solutions to offer clients an ever more powerful solution for your aggregating and moderating needs.

logo brightsign

BrightSign is a leading market player for interactive digital displays and lets you manage, programme and display all types of multimedia content on your cloud-based screen network. OuiBeat and BrightSign work together to gather social network sourcing tools on a cloud-based management platform.

logo wordpress

Our partnership with WordPress lets companies integrate OuiBeat content directly on a WordPress site using embed codes or a URL link.

Logo Mvision

Mvision’s expertise has helped it create an international network. It provides more than 1,500 services a year across France and abroad. Mvision guarantees cutting-edge technology that is rigorously maintained.

logo screen cloud

ScreenCloud is a web platform that lets users manage, programme and display all your multimedia content across your cloud-based screen network. ScreenCloud and OuiBeat work together to offer major brands the ability to display multimedia and social media content across their store network.

logo amazon fire tv

With Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, easily display content from the Amazon catalogue as well as more than 1,500 apps and widgets across your network of stores and offices.

logo aws

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud-based service platform that offers delivery and content management functionalities. AWS cloud solutions make it possible to develop sophisticated apps that are ultra-flexible, scalable and reliable.

logo superbien

SUPERBIEN, a Parisian visual design agency, creates and develops spectacular image-based solutions. OuiBeat and SUPERBIEN work together to offer rich and interactive content and scenarios.

logo twilio

Twilio is a cloud communications platform that lets users manage, programme and display SMS messages and generate voice applications.
Twilio and OuiBeat work together to give brands and agencies the ability to generate engagement and leads through SMS marketing campaigns and send out SMS messages about their events to the public.