Alpine International test drive.

Alpine Car Studio: Creation of the first onboard video studio

Customer : Hopscotch for Alpine

Date : december 2017

Category : consulting, Picture marketing, Custom, Car Studio, EventCast, Social Wall

Increase Alpine’s visibility using customized advertising content creation and social media sharing during the event:

To officially launch the international expansion of the French sporting company, Alpine held test drives for international journalists throughout the month of December in southern France at the Grand Sambuc racetrack. Specialists from across the globe came to Aix-en-Provence to discover and test drive this technological gem.

Anne-Sophie Azzopardi and Sébastien Feige from the RNMPO Group’s event agency asked OuiBeat to develop a brand-new connected experience in the cars.

The design and the project:

1. Video filming and editing: Filming was done in two stages: a generic video capsule for Alpine was created to get footage of the surrounding area and various obstacles along the course. Next, a dashboard camera was installed to capture each journalist’s experience and reactions as they drove the course.

2. Moderation platform: : Once the journalist footage was recorded, a moderation platform was used to automatically integrate key clips of the footage into the generic video. These clips could then undergo tailored customization remotely or from the site.

3. Email solution : Within seconds, journalists from around the world received a customized responsive email designed in accordance with the brand’s corporate graphic guidelines. The video could be viewed directly from the email and journalists could also share the content on social media. The engagement and reach were improved even further for this campaign thanks to the pre-approved wording used in journalists’ tweets and posts.

4. Instant sharing on screen and website social walls : To extend the experience, a tactile social wall was set up to post created content in real time, share technical information about the Alpine A110, provide storytelling and boost social media activity.

the test drive in a few figures :
  • 500 personalized videos sent to journalists during the international test drive period.
  • 95% email opening rate.
  • 72% video recording and sharing on journalists’ personal media and social networks.


A real success for the Alpine brand which provided an unforgettable driving and marketing experience..

Over 550 customers
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