Audi TT launch by the agency Double 2 # Tweet & Down

The agency Double 2 reinvents the car launch on the Paris Motor Show

Usually on the stand of international fairs, it is Audi Germany who takes care of everything, and the foreign departments obliged to follow… This year, it has not changed but Audi France has this time orchestrated in its own way a superb new event 100% connected dedicated to a young car but already legendary for the brand: the new TT.


The idea? A megastructure in the shape of the TT logo, 30 meters wide by 13 meters high. On this imposing structure is placed an Audi TT which descends for each tweet mentioning both #Audi#dareTT et @AudiFrance. After each descent the car will be re-positioned at the top of the structure and the game will start again… The Audi team has even thought of integrating the history of the TT in the game since the levels making the car descend correspond to a historic figure or Audi TT.

Every day, small prizes are to be won by lot and then at the end of the contest on the evening of October 19, a big lot will determine a winner who will leave for an exceptional weekend on the 24h circuit. Mans driving the TT, R8 and many other things!

The results

A device which made it possible to create resonance around this launch and to engage the general public with :
• 12.4 million potential exposures
• 1.2 million viewers affected by Auto-Moto’s coverage of the subject on TF1 television channel
• 71 500 engagements
• 13 720 tweets #dareTT
• 8,963 additional followers on the @AudiFrance twitter account

Discover the project in video :

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