Hopscotch Group: Connected dynamic display.

Management of head office screens via our connected display solution to generate employee advocacy

Customer : Hopscotch Groupe

Date : july 2017

Category : CorporateCast, dynamic display

When it was looking for a solution to support its internal communication and track its digital activity in real time, the Hopscotch Group asked OuiBeat to create a fully tailored dashboard. Using a self-managed platform and displays on home screens for different website sections, Hopscotch Group employees could easily keep track of public and internal social media activity, post important digital news and showcase group events.
The new platform offered real-time and geotagged monitoring and customizable multiscreen management to provide unrivalled flexibility for the digital team. It could be easily adapted to the Hopscotch Group’s needs. In addition to having access to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, Hopscotch employees can also get content from the company’s new in-house social network Hopla.

The first platform to share employee advocacy:

Information is divided into three separate categories:
– #Hop: shares content from the agency’s social media accounts
– Pride of: shares important events related to the group’s operations around the world
– What’s hop?: shares in-house company news
The new OuiBeat Dashboard is a powerful internal communication tool. It promotes UGC development within a company while bringing employees together around a shared connected project.

Watch this video to find out more :