User Generated Content Kia’s strategy
on the Paris Motor Show.

Kia roll out the biggest UGC measures during the Paris Motor Show 2018 edition by highlighting the 2022 World Cup trophy.

Customer : Kia

Date : october 2018

Category : Social Wall, Picture Marketing, Photobooth

Kia has seen big for the Paris Motor Show in Paris by highlighting the 2022 World Cup trophy on its stand!

OuiBeat has deployed a photocall where visitors could have their own picture alongside the trophy. Visitors could receive their picture thanks to an html e-mail made to measure. Photobooth’s contents and social media contents (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) were also highlighted onto a giant social wall (30 meters width) that was deployed on the Kia stand. The Ouibeat platform was also an opportunity for Kia group to broadcast exclusive commercial contents.

Kia got the power to surprise and has proven it thanks to this viral and unique production.
#KiaWorldCup #ThePowerToSurprise