Samsung New Edge Night: A giant social wall projected on a pool.

Samsung New Edge Night
Making the Samsung Galaxy launch “A Big Bang Launch”

Customer : Double 2 for Samsung

Date : september 2016

Category : SOCIAL MICE, Social Wall

The launch event for the latest Samsung smartphone was held on 15 September 2015. For the occasion, the brand and the Double 2 agency hosted an event at the superb Molitor pool to completely immerse guests in the Samsung universe.

Lancement Samsung

The brand pulled out all the stops with a light show, international artists, and unique digital technologies, including RFID, connected kiosks, live video, etc.

Guests were able to interact on the first social wall displayed using mapping on the water of the Molitor pool. The 30-meter-wide surface displayed the best posts from guests’ or hostesses’ social media accounts at the venue throughout the night, creating real buzz about the event.

In short:

• 50 000 tweets
• 1 200 shares
• #1 Trending Topic France
• #3 Worldwide Trending Topic

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