Adidas Stadium Of Lights
Visual experience as innovation.

Enter in the futur of football with Adidas

An interactive and visual experience for the launch of the new range of football shoes by Adidas « Speed of Lights ».

A year after having developed the Intended Arena, the first digital stadium of the world, Adidas so proposed an experience immersive and connected with the concept  » Stadium of Lights « . For a weekend, the fans of the brand with three stripes which were register beforehand, could so experiment the future of the soccer.

3D e-kiosk

Among these innovative and digital experiences, the 3D e-kiosk 90° was also proposed inside the Palace Brogniart.

Equipped with several DSLR cameras on a rail, the 3D e-kiosk took 9 photos at the same time, seizing the participant in full movement, and so allowed to create a short stereoscopic video in 90 °.

In order to make the experience go viral, a totally branded platform gave to the participants the possibility to receive their personalized sequence and to share it immediately.

Discover the 3D e-kiosk experience. 3D