How to optimize the performance of an event social wall


social wall MICE

OuiBeat’s Social Wall SOCIAL MICE is the ultimate Social Wall for events. It allows you to broadcast the UGC and all your branded content during your events. of course in real time.

Also you can integrate the social network (s) of your choice and create one or more hashtags. You can broadcast your content in any format (photo, video) and resolution.

Display the social wall on a TV screen, a giant screen or project it on a shop facade; multiply the viral reach of your activation thanks to your audiences.

SOCIAL MICE is your best event advertising campaign.

The 5 steps to follow to maximize the performance of its event social wall.

1. Create an engaging concept.

A strong creative concept or an effective and original engagement mechanism is the main key to social media performance success on an event: social contest, contest, winning moment, highlighting influencers, live facebook broadcasting, tweet and reveal , etc.

2. Customize the display.

Create a dynamic social wall display with your brand identity: brand content photo / video / editorial, colors, logo, typography, etc. The more dynamic the display, the more the public pays attention to it and interacts on social networks.

3. Give visibility to the social wall.

Promote a large visible screen and if possible multiply the dissemination of the social wall on other screens during the event so that the digital device becomes a common thread in the audience’s journey. Choose large screens and do not hesitate to project your interactive wall on original places like one of our customers did on a swimming pool. Guaranteed success. During a concert or a festival several screens of diffusion will increase the interactions. Disseminate the social wall also on your company’s website, the one created specifically for the event, on the screens of store networks or in the company’s headquarters in order to involve all audiences.

« A creative concept with a strong engagement mechanism is the main key to performance success  »
Loïc Cuesta, CEO OuiBeat

4. Communicate on the hashtag and analyze its performance.

You must communicate to your audience or the public present at your event the hashtag (s) of the event and the engagement mechanism in order to optimize interactions. Channel discussions around one or more hashtags adapted to the event to effectively study performance with our real-time analysis and statistics tool.

5. Engage audiences with the community manager.

Create interactions between the brand and audiences on social networks to promote proximity and activate discussions. To increase visits to your stand at the show, whether professional or general, do not hesitate to initiate communication on social networks by communicating your participation in such or such event. With one or more physical social walls during your event + a social wall on your website you will get there easily.

social wall social MICE OuiBeat les benefices

Average of the « Social MICE » Social Wall.

• + 32% user confidence

• + 180% engagement

• + 32% of user-generated content User

Statistics (Nielsen and Salesforce sources)

• 81% of consumers use social media in their purchases

• 63% of consumers prefer to buy from a brand they consider authentic

• 4x more clicks seen on advertisements based on UGC than on normal advertising

• 92% of consumers trust UGC more than traditional advertising

• 70% of the time users distinguish between an image created by a professional and a UGC

• 78% of people post after a positive experience

Trade fairs, general public fairs and exhibition fairs.

OuiBeat is present at the main professional fairs, public fairs and trade fairs in France and Europe. It is always a source of pride for OuiBeat to accompany our customers at each edition at numerous fairs, including: Mondial Paris Motor Show, Salon International de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace, Nautic Paris, SAI Salon International of Agriculture in Paris, MO Maison & Objet, Batimat, SIAL, GIMS Geneva International Motor Show, Brussels Motor Show, the Frankfurt Motor Show and many others.

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