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How can you optimize
your EventCast social wall results?


La plateforme EVENTCAST de OuiBeat vous permet de diffuser vos UGC sur vos événements.
D’un écran TV, un écran géant à une projection sur une façade de boutique; décuplez la portée virale de votre activation grâce à vos publics.

EVENTCAST est votre meilleure campagne publicitaire événementielle !

The five steps to maximize your social wall results


1. Create an engaging concept

A strong creative concept or engagement mechanism is the key to getting social media results for an event: social contests, enter-to-win contests, instant winners, influencer showcasing, Facebook Live broadcasts, Periscope, tweet & reveal, etc.

2. Customize the display

Create a dynamic social wall that reflects your brand: photo/video/editorial brand content, colours, logo, font, etc. The more dynamic the display, the more your audience will pay attention.

3. Give your social wall more visibility

Opt for a large, highly visible screen, and if possible, set up multiple displays of the social wall at the event to make the digital programme a consistent part of the audience’s experience.
Display the social wall on your website, on store screens or at your corporate headquarters using our WEBCAST and CORPORATECAST solutions to get all your audiences involved.

bulle ouibeat
“A creative concept with a strong mechanics of commitment is the main key of success and performance.”
Loïc Cuesta, CEO OuiBeat

5. Communicate about the hashtag and analyse its performance.

Communicate the event hashtag(s) and engagement mechanism to the public to optimize interactions.
Channel the discussions about the hashtag(s) for the event to get useful information about the results from our analysis tool and real-time statistics.

6. Engage your audiences with a community manager.

Create interactions between the brand and your audiences on social media to promote proximity and activate discussions.


EventCast platform averages

• +32% user confidence
• +180% engagement
• 32% user generated content

User stats (sources: Nielsen and Salesforce)

• 81% of consumers use social media when making a purchase
• 63% of consumers prefer to buy from a brand they consider authentic
• 4 times more clicks on UGC-based ads than on regular ads
• 92% of consumers trust UGC more than traditional advertising
• 70% of the time, users can distinguish between a professionally created image and UGC
• 78% of people post after a positive experience