How to optimize the performance of your Social Wall « Social Web »?

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With the Social Wall OuiBeat « SOCIAL WEB » publish your UGC and brand content on your website.
Installing Social WEB allows you to activate many levers according to the many objectives that it achieves.
You increase the viral reach of your activation by offering engaging mechanisms, improve visitor retention on your website (even e-commerce). The UGC of your customers, their situations with the use of your products are as many authentic advertisements where they share their experiences and emotions with your brand that it is more than advisable to disseminate them effectively with Social WEB. The publishing of your UGC increases your sales.

Using a Social Wall on a website or intranet is an effective HR tool for communicating news about your company, facilitating internal communication, onboarding and getting to know teams from other regions or countries.
Social Web is your best web advertising campaign!


The 5 steps to follow to maximize the performance of his Social Wall

1. Create a concept in line with your target

Like any communication strategy, a community strategy must be adapted to the target audience. In some, to generate engagement from your community, identify your most active influencers. In general, brands must focus on three levers of success:

  • Publish information that brings together people with the same interests.
  • Highlight content that creates natural and relevant interactions such as comments, shares or even likes.
  • Activate niche communities via Facebook groups. First, keep in mind that 50% of your users remember the content you offer
    them better if it is user-produced content (UGC). The car manufacturer SKODA understood this by creating the first community
    program in the world of cycling. Find the details of this campaign designed by the OuiBeat teams here and renewed from year to year.

2. Create a concept that meets your goals

In addition to your target, your brand must also think of a mechanism to fulfill specific objectives and not vice versa. Creating an engagement mechanism to generate community content can meet several key objectives:

  • commercial goals

The VANS brand has chosen to promote its new models thanks to its community. Those aspirational contents, directly integrated into the brand’s e-commerce website, allow them to tag their products on content from their community with the hashtag #MyVans.

van's social wall site web
  • objective of centralizing brand discourse

Social WEB is also a good way for your brand to aggregate all of the content from your community with your own content in one place.

  • lead capture objective.

Through contests mechanics, a social wall web can allow your brand to recover lead.

  • aspirational and visibility objective

OuiBeat’s Social WEB provides several brand and blog sites with aspirational UGC content. This is why Conforama has equipped its e-commerce site with a space dedicated to the decorative favorites of its community. 

conforama social wall du site web

3. Highlight the social wall

The place allocated to the social wall on your brand’s website must be carefully considered. It is designed according to your objectives (aspirational content, social proof, competition, etc.). A social wall mixing community content and products or services finds its place on the brand’s home page. Likewise, it can be placed on an inspiration page dedicated to its community.

It is important to note that a web page based on user-shared content (UGC) has a much higher retention index than a classic branded web page. According to Salesforce, almost 90% of people spend more time on a site inspired by their community.

Through these different functionalities, the OuiBeat platform allows each brand to aggregate community content via the hashtag of its campaign as well as the content of its corporate accounts. The platform also allows you to easily moderate and distribute all the content generated by your community as Conforama, Episod and many others have already done.

4. Customize the display

Depending on the technical constraints of your website and its universe, each brand must opt for a slideshow or classic or even custom-made social wall.
This is why our 2 flagship models offer you the opportunity to highlight your community content on a dedicated page and serve as call-to-action for a product page.

skoda social wall du site web

5. Communicate about your Social Wall to create leads on your website

First, the social wall does not replace a communication strategy as such. Your company can use this communication tool wisely and create a complete engagement mechanism. This is to get leads and increase visitor traffic to their website.

It is therefore essential for your company to communicate on its concept through the appropriate communication media and to integrate Social WEB to highlight the content shared by your community. According to the Content Marketing Institute,, a community content strategy generates three times more leads than direct marketing, while costing 62% less than a conventional media campaign.

Average of our Social Wall platform.

  • + 30% of visitor retention on your website
  • 4 x higher visitor traffic
  • increased sales on your e-commerce site thanks to “social proof”
  • + 20% of the customer return rate on your website
  • – 50% of the cost per click

User statistics (Nielsen and Salesforce sources)

  • 81% of consumers use social media in their purchases
  • 63% of consumers prefer to buy from a brand they consider authentic
  • 4x more clicks seen on advertisements based on UGC than on normal advertising
  • 92% of consumers trust UGC more than traditional advertising
  • 70% of the time users distinguish between an image created by a professional and a UGC
  • 78% of people post after a positive experience

Over 550 customers
are already creating experiences
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