Social Wall SOCIAL WEB for all its websites.

UGC promoted on its retail websites and the Ligue 1 Conforama website

Customer : Conforama

Date : april 4 2018

Category : SOCIAL WEB, contest games

Although a latecomer to Instagram (2016), the Conforama Group constantly promoted its community’s creativity on its @Conforama_France account. To keep up the pace, the home furnishings brand used this social network to develop its new inspirational section on its retail website.

The group asked OuiBeat to create two tailored SOCIALWEB social walls to aggregate and share user generated content.

Doing so allows the company to share branded content in an original format in context with website visitors. Combining elements created by users and the brand itself considerably increases KPIs that are crucial to an online retailer: conversion rates, click rates and retention rates. It should be noted that 92% of consumers trust UGC more than traditional advertising.

During the social wall’s first week, engagement totalled 6,940 people with a reach of 52,795 people, which is highly promising for the next phase. This type of performance would not be possible without UGC from the display and contests created.

Conforama Ligue 1 soccer

Conforama also trusted OuiBeat to support it with its user generated content strategy and the dissemination of its community content.

social wall ligue 1 conforama

A social wall has been set up on the Conforama Ligue 1 site and allows the aggregation of all the content of the Conforama community and of Conforama Ligue 1 fans via the hashtag #supporterconfo. This social wall is also a good way for the brand to activate its partnership with the Professional Football League by disseminating brand content through its Conforama FC accounts and relaying the mechanics of contests set up in the main points of sale. of the brand.

These “community spaces” are also a good way for a brand to grow its fan community. The community manager can use moderating to redirect visitors to the brand’s social media account via redirect links or calls to action that are integrated directly on the social walls. ROI analysis can also be improved by contest game mechanics displayed on social walls to create genuine added value for Conforma’s communication.

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