Champagne Castelnau
Honouring its customers.

Champagne Castelnau
Promoting its champagnes via its customers through the Webcast social wall

Customer : CASTELNAU

Date : october 12 2017

Category : SOCIAL WEB, Strategy Social Media UGC Marketing

With more than 100 years in business, the renowned Champagne Castelnau sells its products around the globe to satisfy a demanding clientele looking for exceptional products with character. To support its expansion, the brand decided to revamp its social media strategy by integrating social into its website redesign..

Champagne Castelnau asked OuiBeat to develop a dedicated space for its community on the new website. A solution based on our web social wall was implemented to engage the brand’s community and display content from social media platforms directly on the website. The product was adapted to the brand identity and integrated both on the homepage and the “News” section. The initiative offers internet users a chance to share their tasting experiences and access exclusive brand content. This UGC-dedicated space is a great way to reinforce Castelnau’s social media strategy and make it one of the most connected brands on the market.

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