Showroom 100% Social Wall.

Present its new collections with the history of its community

Customers: Levi Strauss & Co.

Date: November 2018

Category: Social All

The most beautiful stories are told by consumers of a brand. There is no better promise!

In this will Levi’s wished to dust off its traditional digital signage solution to digitize its Parisian showroom and tell the real stories of its community.
The Levi’s brand called on OuiBeat to deliver its digital signage and social media solution 100% cloud.

levis social wall

Social Wall for Retail Corporate

Social All, a new connected digital signage and social media solution, is a 100% cloud solution for the publishing of brand content and content from social media. Easy to use and powerful, the solution delivered to Levi’s enables remote communication or on-site control of its communication in real time and automatically contextualizes the content broadcast on its screens.

Levi’s France’s marketing department can now create content playlists in just a few clicks on 4 types of screen:


Digital Signage and the broadcast of brand stories

The focus

Social network counters

All the content broadcast on its screen park can be managed and administered remotely and in real time on all types of IT support (smartphone, tablet, computer). This flexible and truly intuitive solution allows them to contextualize their displays according to events and seasonality (PR event, influencers, revealing new collections, etc.).

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