Discover the three Social Wall of the platform


The OuiBeat platform is made up of three 100% cloud Social Walls to distribute your business and social media content.

It’s up to you to choose the one that’s right for you. Intuitive and powerful, the platform allows you to control the communication of your interactive Social Media wall in real time and remotely. OuiBeat Social Walls are leaders in Europe and encourage your customers to share their emotions and experiences towards your brand.
Are you demanding and want a tailor-made Social Wall? Your dedicated team will do it.

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This is the most successful of our SocialWall. Designed to impress your audience, its graphic design and beautiful templates do the job. During an event,
your audience can post on social media with all the benefits that it represents for your brand and your event
Best contents is just a click away
Combine your brand content with posts from your customers, influencers, employees. Broadcast your multimedia content (photo, video & editorial) Add your social media pages (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) Integrate weather, clock, traffic, news and apps widgets Reassemble RSS feeds and other open APIs Stage the broadcast of your content by creating a playlist


Social Web is the Social Wall to publish the best content of your audience on social media on your website combined with your corporate accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) and any other content in the format of your choice: photo, video, etc. Your customers, influencers and employees are the best ambassadors for your brand. Give them the means to express themselves, increase visitors to your website and convert your prospects into customers.

As the name suggests it is the ideal Social Wall for your event, whatever event you need to organize. Responsive design, Social MICE is designed to meet the requirements of event services and agencies.

From a trade show to a company party, it integrates all social media, all formats of your content and RSS feeds can be broadcast in real time. Of course, you can view the contents of your corporate accounts as well as the UGC.
You choose from the many customizable templates that you want to give to your Social Wall. All screens and resolutions are compatible for viewing the Social Wall. That of a TV with a giant screen or on a facade. OuiBeat is present at the main trade fairs in France and in Europe to support its customers.

« Social Buzz » = Pair or extend Social All or Social MICE ephemeral created for example for a week-long event at « Social Web” and continue to engage your audience to retain them. Whether before (Teaser) during or after an event in order to gain audience loyalty and generate new sales. In addition, you choose the duration you want.

More than 550 customers are
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