Turnkey engagement mechanisms.

Successfully communicate with our engagement mechanisms for Social Wall
to your audience 

The engagement mechanisms

Hashtag battle on Social Wall


Commit your audience in a frantic hashtag battle and expand the impact of your event on social media.

Social Wall gauge.

Make your event go viral by involving your audience with a fun social wall that will trigger surprises at every level reached.

Marketing Games


Entertain your prospects and clients with our interactive marketing games. Exceed your commitment and collect leads goals with our instant winning games, forecasts and sweepstakes. From the simplest to the most sophisticated, we personalize your tools and broadcast your cross-channel campaign (mobile, blog, website, social networks, emailing).

Filter & Lense Snapchat, Facebook


Stories are now at the heart of discussions, offer branded and fun content for Facebook and Snapchat

Photo app and social media

Take pictures of your guests during your event so they can talk about about your brand on social media with the « Connect » links.

Instant replies to posts

We perform automated Twitter and Instagram replies to posts from your audiences. Combine your reply with a weblink to generate content on a website or integrate a form to qualify your leads

Over 550 customers are already creating experiences authentic marketing