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The best stories
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As a European leader in social wall creation since 2013 and a key player in community marketing, at OuiBeat we believe in the power of social media to be a powerful tool to rethink customer relations and offer more authentic, personalized experiences on a large scale.

Our goal is to meet brand communication targets and generate customer contacts by designing innovative products that encourage audiences to share their own stories online.

OuiBeat works
with major brands and agencies that have decided to place
their community at the centre of their strategy.

Social wall platform and dynamic display

Share your high-impact community and brand content to increase engagement and conversion across your communication channels (events, websites, distribution networks) via our social walls and connected dynamic displays.

Consulting &amp web development

We work closely with brands and agencies to design innovative communication and product strategies that produce user generated content.

Marketing through images

Photos and videos are the most-shared types of content on social media. Accordingly, we have developed innovative products mainly dedicated to brand events and activation.

More than 550 clients
are already creating authentic marketing experiences.

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