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Create value
through images

Because photos and videos are the most-shared
content on social media, we have designed tailored picture marketing
tools to create brand engagement and affinity.

The three picture marketing products

Test drive a new vehicle
and enjoy a thrilling experience.
Once the ride is over,
you’ll receive a personalized promotional video of your driving experience.
Intuitive online and offline moderation platform
• Customizable social media sharing platform

Starting from 3499€/activation

Our photo kiosks are fully modular and customizable to offer the best connectivity experience available on the market today through instant sharing on our social walls, facial recognition and 90° boomerang.

Starting from 349€/day

The 3D eKiosk is equipped
with several reflex cameras to take
a dozen photos at once, capturing the participant in full movement,
and create a short 90° or 180° video depending on the chosen model.

Starting from 3399€/activation

the experience
on social media.

Extend your users’ experience by sending customized emails from one of our picture marketing systems. Increase open and click rates by customizing emails in HTML. Encourage users to share their content by integrating share links for major social media with pre-designed posts.

Get precise stats

Impression: number of impressions at the kiosk during your activation
Share: number of photos shared on social media platforms and the social wall, identification of influencers
E-mails: complete data on opt-ins (list of emails collected, number of emails sent, unsubscribe rate, open rate, click rate, etc.).

More than 550 clients
are already creating authentics marketing experiences