NBCUniversal ‘ press

NBCUniversal press conference

Customer : I Love Event

Date : october 2017

Category : Eventcast,  picture marketing, divers

The American media group NBCUniversal (Syfy, Entertainment, 13th Street…) announced the distribution of its channels by SFR in France at its « back-to-school time » in Paris.

A press evening focused on the presentation of the new Midnight Texas and Loch Ness Tv shows as well as various projects. Many actors and influencers of the group have been attended by this promotional evening : François Arnaud, Arielle Kebbel, Laura Fraser, Siobhan Finneran …

On this occasion, NBC Universal asked to « I Love Event » agency and OuiBeat to organize an innovative event. Many activities have been set put in the reception area such as virtual reality experiences, photo shoot with green screens, morphing and GIF.

During the evening, the participants were immortalized on the red carpet by a photographer and get their own branded NBCU photo thanks to the OuiBeat e-kiosk. For the event, the ekiosk has been set up to aggregate the photographers’ photos and immediately display them on its personalized interface so each visitor could make their own choice. A tangible memory, well appreciated by number of participants.

photobooth social wall

In order to bring the event to another level, it was essential to encourage artists, journalists and influencers to interact on social networks. To do so, the new responsive Social MICE has been installed with a totally customized look & feel. For the first time, OuiBeat broadcast a Social Wall on all the walls of the reception area and created a 360 ° installation that marked a large number of guests. This UGC generating device was also a good tool to highlight the brand contents and NBCU social wall networks accounts.

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